Equine Services

Promoting health in horses with vaccinations, dentistry and routine exams.

We provide various treatments to horses, including dentistry, lameness treatment, reproduction and diagnostic testing. Our team can make recommendations on how to care for horses daily to prevent them from developing infections/diseases and spreading them to other animals.

What are signs my horse is unwell?

When you notice changes in your horse, it's always best to consult with a veterinarian. We can run diagnostic tests to detect any illness and create a treatment plan. Here are some visible signs of illness that need veterinary attention:

  1. Bucking and bolting
  2. Nasal discharge
  3. Weeping eyes
  4. Couging/wheezing
  5. Spilling food from their mouths
  6. Consistent head shaking
  7. Flaky, dull or dry coat
  8. Refusing to do normal activities

What vaccinations are necessary for horses?

Vaccines are a vital part of the preventative care needed to keep your horse healthy. At least once every year, they should be vaccinated for Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus and West Nile Virus (EWT/WN). The veterinarian may recommend other vaccines if your horse travels often and lives in an environment where they share facilities or equipment with other animals. To learn more about equine vaccination, contact us at 780-967-2967.